Electronic Component Business Unit

We provide complete interconnect solutions and a vast variety of products in system design. We are involved in various industries, such as consumer electronics, networking & communication, and industrial computing. Each of our professionals has over ten years of experience in passive component industry and customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal.


提供客戶完整的連接器,線和被動元件整合方案和設計服務。現銷售產品包含消費性產品連接器和線材。工業控制產業連接器和線材。 網路通訊產品連接器和線材。各人員在被動元件產業的經資歷平均超過 10年以上,滿足客戶的需求是我們服務的目標。

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Display Solution Business Unit

We offer dynamic Wide Area Display solutions to different industries, such as large financial centers, production plants, emergency control centers, universities & schools, amusment parks, museums, and government & military agencies. Our services include display system design & intergration, project management, equipment installation, software set-up, hardware calibration, after sale service, and certified professional repair.


以專業及誠信、創新之服務理念,提供用戶多元化需求,包括多媒體、顯示系統設備銷售、設計&規劃、整合、工程顧問、技術服務。 在視訊、音頻系统整合方面,主要為政府機關、軍方、博物館、主題樂園、控制中心、金融企業、大型製造業、大專院校、宗教團體等行業,提供專業整體解决方案和系統規劃服務。

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TPMS Business Unit

Polywell is the authorized dealer of commercial vehicle TPMS system by Cub Elecparts Inc. in Taiwan. We provide complete TPMS solutions to different types of tucks & buses, from 6 wheelers to 22 wheelers. We can also customized our product to integrate with fleet management systems. Cub is the top 3 TPMS manufacturer in the world. With the latest technology and their exceptional quality, you can entrust your road safety to us!


寶利威爾是台灣最大胎壓偵測器製造商”為升電裝工業”授權的商用車類產品,台灣總經銷商。 服務項目包含胎壓偵測器產品銷售, 安裝,和產品售後服務。專業的團隊,是您最佳的選擇。把您的行車安全,交給我們!

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Lighting Solution Business Unit

Polywell is the authorized agent of LED RGB Driver IC by Anapex Technology in Taiwan. We provide complete LED soulutions, such as Driver IC, Flex Light Bar, PCB Light Board, & Control Board... etc to various types of industries & applications.


寶利威爾是台灣電競 LED RGB Driver IC 製造商 ”安沛科技” 授權的台灣主要代理商。 服務項目包含LED Driver IC, LED軟性燈條, PCB硬性燈板, LED控制板設計整合,客制化韌體設計和產品量產售後服務。提供最新的光電控制技術,讓您在市場上永遠領先ㄧ步。

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